Winter break and a bump on the head

photo 2 photo 1photo 3Dear kids,

We have two weeks of winter holidays right now. Last week we hopped on the TGV and went to visit Tante and Oncle in Munich for a week. It was a lovely break. There was a lot of snow, which was very exciting since last winter there was no snow at all. This time we took walks in the snow, made a snowman, Daughter you enjoyed eating snow very much, and we made snow angels. And, we went sledding.

Sledding was so much fun. So much fun. I remembered how much I enjoyed it, the few times I got to go when I was a kid, since in southern California it required a bit of a drive to get there. I remember actually going in the Alps with my aunt when I was already an adult, around 20 years old. We drank a Schnapps at a little “lokal” up in the mountain before sledding down it. Liquid courage. It was so much fun.

Son, at first you didn’t want to go by yourself. You were afraid. But then I told you examples of how you were afraid of things, and then ended up really loving it. So you tried it, and you loved it.

And I think that has now been completely messed up.

We would stay at home in the morning, drawing, playing Schwarze Peter, sitting by the fire, having long leisurely breakfasts, or else we went out for walks in the snow, or out to the playground. Then in the afternoon we would go sledding. But on the third day of sledding, you hit a tree a couple of times. You couldn’t steer out of the way. I told you, that you couldn’t do it by yourself anymore. You were very upset about that, but I said that if you couldn’t avoid trees you couldn’t do it by yourself.

I didn’t stick to my guns.

We took a break from sledding the next day. I took you both back to the kinder reich at the Deutsches Museum, which you both really enjoy. We had wiener schnitzel for lunch at the cafe there and then went for an afternoon swim at the beautiful art nouveau Volksbad.

The next afternoon, we did more sledding. But I didn’t stick to my guns about you not going by yourself. And so, you slammed into a tree at full speed, the front of the sled hitting the tree, and you whiplashed your forehead into the tree, splitting your forehead open.

It was the scariest moment of my life. Blood poured down your face, into the snow, onto your coat. You were in shock. You kept apologizing. “Sorry Mama”. I was absolutely freaking out with fear, that you had brain bleeding or damage. I told you not to apologize, that it was my fault for letting you go by yourself.

And no, before you ask, you weren’t wearing a helmet. Rest assured, every time now that we go to the playground, you will be wearing a helmet.

We took you to the “Kinder Klinik” in Schwabing where they glued up your forehead, said this sort of thing happened a lot, and sent you home after a few tests. That was it.

You are fine, you say it doesn’t hurt, and after the initial shock you were very brave as they were cleaning the wound. The doctor said he could see your skull. I, myself, was too shaken up to look. I held your hand as they glued you up.

I feel ashamed of myself for having not stuck to my guns, listened to my instinct. Why didn’t I do that? Will I be able to stick to my guns in the future?

It could have been so much worse, but by the grace of God, or the Universe, or the Divine, whoever, you are fine. I guess these incidents are part of childhood, and a reminder of how important it is to wear a helmet.

But aside from that scare, it was a very lovely, relaxing holiday. Taking the train was so fun. I packed a lunch for us, we caught the very early train out of Gare de l’Est. We made drawings on the train, played cards, looked out the window at the snowy landscapes, watched movies on the iPad.

Here are the things we did:


-having long German breakfasts

-walks in the snow with feet crunching

-playing in snowy playgrounds

-going to the Kinder Reich and swimming at the art nouveau Volksbad afterwards

-going to the forest to an eco-centre and seeing wild boar, and having a picnic in the snow

-visiting our cousin’s chickens, feeding the hens and checking their coop for eggs and having their fresh eggs for breakfast

-face painting for Fasching

-building a snowman with your great-uncle

-sitting by the fire

-eating raclette for dinner on our final night

We have one more week of school vacation now. Son, you are home today because of your wound, but otherwise you both will go to the centre de loisirs for a few days, tomorrow Daughter I will take you to Cafezoide, and Son you have an atelier at the Louvre for 4-6 year olds. We will try to squeeze in a spectacle too.


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