Winter 2015 letter

Hi kids,

Here’s what we’ve all been up to:

We went to California for Christmas. It wasn’t planned, but after Grandpa’s health issues, we decided quickly to take the plunge. We left a few days before school let out for the break, and came back a day before New Years.

I hadn’t spent Christmas in California since 2002. We stayed at the ranch in the mountains for a night and then went down to the beach in San Diego with the cousins. It was so nice to have a big christmas family celebration. We rode horses in the mountains and played on the beach in SD and Son, you even rode the inflatable raft pulled by the boat on Mission Bay. It was an interesting experience, because I was so hesitant about it, and so were you, but I could tell you wanted to try it, and I was reminded of a piece of advice I am not very good at taking, which is to do something that scares you every day. So you did something that scared both of us. It turned out great. You had a wonderful time and didn’t fall in the Bay. Daughter wanted to go too, but at three years old, she needs to wait a bit!

So it was a nice family Christmas. We flew on Air Tahiti Nui so it was almost like going off to the tropics. We picked you up from school after lunch at 1:30pm, and took the taxi to the airport at 2pm, and were taking off at 5:30pm. Then when we came home, we spent a quiet New Years with lots of yummy food. Son, you really like shrimp cocktail so I got that for you. The Friday after New Years you went to the CDL. We didn’t get to go ice skating this year, we will have to wait for next year for that.

Son, you learned to ride a bike in January. It only took about three days to learn (not consecutive). I decided to teach you in January so that you would know how to do it by spring.

The first day we went out was miserable. You were scared and thought you couldn’t do it. Then, our neighbour showed you how to do it. She spent ten minutes holding the back of the bike. This made you gain confidence. I have noticed that sometimes it takes another person to get you to listen. I wonder how this will play out in the future..

But anyway, after that, you were able to practice, but then you didn’t want me to let go. So I did it without telling you. I’m sorry I let go without telling you, Son, but I had to show you that you could do it. Because you could. By the second day, you could ride a bike by yourself.

So now we are working on getting you to start by yourself. I feel confident you will get it. I’m so proud of you for being able to ride a bike!

And you can swim! I was amazed when I sat in on your swim lesson a few weeks ago to discover that you can now jump in and swim halfway across the practice pool with no trouble. So you can swim, speak English and ride a bike. Great for you!

KIndergarten/Grande Section is going well still it seems. I think that you have some normal friend issues, your best friend from last year is in a different class so you don’t play with him anymore, and there’s the usual “je suis plus ton copain” stuff that goes on. But you are an upbeat, charming little boy.

The big news is that your class is going on a classe de mer in April. You won’t even be six! This blows my mind and I’m not sure how I feel about it. You aren’t so sure either. I’m sure you will have a good time, I just need to wrap my head around the idea of it all.

Yesterday while walking to school, you asked me: “qui a fabriqué les gens?”. (Who made people?). I told you that was a good question, and that people throughout history have wondered this question. You told me that “tres loin dans l’espace, il y a un mur, et derriere le mur, il y a des gens qui fabrique les gens”. I told you that was in fact a theory that some people already had.

And so the God questions begin.

Daughter, you still enjoy Petite Section and you adore your maitresse. You have a lot of little friends in your class, and you still do lots and lots of “betises”. But you are so smart and cute you get away with it. Your dance class had an open house last week, and you did a solo dance. You were so great! It is so interesting to see how you are discovering what your body can do.

You’ve been seriously bit by the princess bug. Everything is about princesses these days. You even ask for a princess song while you brush your teeth. You also enjoy doing tea parties, but you still ask to wear your brother’s old Spiderman costume. I hope you will always keep that balance.

You are still a great eater although you eat more at school than at home. I’ve decided to just be relaxed about it.

Currently we are working on getting rid of nighttime diapers. In fact, more often than not, your diaper has been dry in the morning for several months now, but it was just us being lazy that we haven’t tried taking them off. So two weeks ago, we took them off, and you peed every night for a week. Weird. The second week was better, now it’s intermittent. I don’t mind because we have a washing machine and I think you will get there very soon.

This means that I haven’t touched a diaper in over two weeks.

Wow. Our diaper days are really over and done with.

It all went by so fast.


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