Vacances Scolaires


Dear children,


I have mixed feelings about the school holidays in France. They are just so long, and come around so often. Two weeks, every six weeks. It’s great if you have grandparents nearby to send the kids out to their country house for a week, but unfortunately that is not something we are blessed with. Because I’m on congé parental, we aren’t permitted a spot in the centre de loisirs, so these two weeks are just so intense and full-on.


On the other hand, I really do welcome the break from school rhythm. We get to do a lot of things that we are normally too tired to do on the weekends. It’s for that reason that I rarely schedule a trip away during the vacation, with the exception of the winter break when we visited T and R in Germany. I really enjoy doing things in Paris and I love how so many things are available to do. Workshops and performances make themselves available every day instead of just weekends and Wednesdays. I love the idea of offering you both a museum workshop, a theatre performance, a movie and some outings during the school vacations and I really enjoy taking you to do these things.


We try to rent a car a couple of days during the vacation to do day trips. Here are some of the things we have done this vacation :


-The drive-through safari park at the Château de Thoiry

-The indoor playground at Kidzy

-a magic show for you Son

-a little theatre show for under 3s for you Daughter, followed by lunch at Le Petit cafe du monde entier in the 11th

-a movie : Miniscule

-your first trip to the Louvre, Son, is planned for this week.

-trips to the park, we got you your first bicycle Son so we’ve been riding around the neighborhood, having picnics


Here are some things we have done during past vacations :


-a museum workshop at the Musée Marmottan

-a trip to the aquarium, and to Disneyland

-another indoor playground

-apple picking at the Ferme de Gally in the fall

-a performance of Le Chat Botté


In fact, kids, if all goes as it should with the French bureaucracy, this will be the last school vacation where I’m not working, and therefore you will spend part of it in the centre de loisirs. I am glad about this as I think it will make it less intense, however I still plan on taking the first week of the vacations off to do activities with you. I’m trying to think about how to make it work. But it’s true I really love the little break, and much importance is placed in France on taking a break, a balance between work and family life.


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