Scootin’ along

Dear kids,

I have a thing for baby products, although of course now we’ve moved more into kids’ products. Ergo, Peg Perego, Stokke, Tripp Trapps, Bugaboo, Storksak, Maclaren, etc. Like many moms I spent a lot of time researching strollers when I was pregnant. Now that you both are out of strollers (for the most part, Daughter you still use the Maclaren Quest quite a bit for outings into Paris, and I suspect you will for a while longer), I have come across our new favorite transportation product : the Mini Micro scooter, also known as the Mini Kick in the US.

We went through three (three ! Count ‘em ! Three !) scooters for you, son, before one fateful day when we went on a play date with a friend and were introduced to her Mini Micro. We were sold at first sight. The other scooters couldn’t hold a candle to the Mini Micro. For one thing, the other strollers we bought had two back wheels, which causes the child to kind of kick their leg outward to avoid hitting the wheel. The Mini Micro has two front wheels and one back wheel, so it avoids this problem.

We bought a red one for you Son about a year ago, thinking eventually you would grow out of it and pass it on your little sister. However, for the past month I’d been noticing that your sister really wants one and is ready for it, so we bought her the 3-in-1 in blue, since she’s not yet 3 and the Mini Micro is theoretically for ages 3-5 (though I see quite a few toddlers using it). She is already too big for the seat part, but does really well with the O-ring handle. You ended up swapping as the O-ring handle can be switched quite easily, and so now she has the red one and you have the blue.

It took you,Daughter, about four days or so to get the hang of the tilting steering, whereas you Son got it almost straight away.

It’s so fun to see you both take off and enjoy your scooters. Not to mention the fact that it helps us get places faster. We take it into Paris, it’s light enough to carry on the metro. Son, you ride it to your Saturday afternoon music class, and Daughter you ride it on our Thursday outings.

I am thinking about taking them to California this summer, I love the idea of you both scooting down the bike path along the beach, in your helmets and summer gear, after an afternoon of boogie boarding in the ocean and building sand castles. I also love the idea of taking short trips around Europe and bringing them along with us, London for example, although we will see about that one. There’s something so freeing about them.

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