Words these days

Hi Daughter,

Here are a few of the things you like to say these days, at 26 months old :

-« Encore bim bam bop ? » You say this whenever you want more of what’s being served for the meal. It doesn’t matter if you know the word : pasta, chicken, fish. You still as for more « bim bam bop ».

-« Ah-RET-uh ! » You really enjoy yelling « Arrete ! » for everything. Even just out of the blue when there is nothing to stop. You yell « Arrete Maman ! » when you don’t like the song I’m singing to you. You yell it at your brother all the time which really pisses him off, even if you are just saying it to say it. I get the impression you just like  saying it. To be honest, I feel glad you are able to say this work so violently, and don’t want to encourage you to stop.

-“Happy, to you”: this is how you sing “Happy Birthday to you”. You sometimes even come out with a toy cake with a wooden plate.

You really just come up with amazing stuff out of the blue too. You have a great vocabulary in French and English. You understand everything in both languages already, although like your brother you have a preference for French. I’m trying to be more proactive this time around in getting you to repeat words in English.

-You call your brother « Yahyi ». Whenever you come home and he’s not there, you say « Ou est Yahyi ? » Then you walk around the house calling « Yah-yi ? YAAAHH-YI ! »

I’m also amazed at well you and your brother communicate. He understands a lot of things you say that I don’t understand. You are really having conversations with each other.

-« Oh no ! » I am sure you learned this one at the creche. You also yell « sticker ! sticker ! » after using the potty, because you get an iPad sticker every time you go.

It’s great having conversations with you, Daughter.


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