Halloweened out

Hi Kids,

In my quest to make sure you are exposed to the American holiday of Halloween, I fear that I have completely Halloweened you out this year. These are the Halloween things we have partook in this year:

-annual Halloween trick or treating in Neuilly, organized by Message. (I have offered to organize it next year)

-carving the Halloween pumpkin we got while apple picking at the Ferme de Gally last week

-a spooky Halloween play date at our place, complete with banana ghosts and pumpkin oranges, costumes and little anglophone friends.

Halloween story time at the American Library this morning, followed by a toilet paper bat craft. Lunch at the Real McCoy afterwards, where we picked up a bag of candy corn. (Disgusting stuff, really, kids, but it’s a bit of nostalgia for your mama.)

-Tomorrow, on Halloween itself, we are going to a Halloween party at WHSmith bookshop, followed by trick or treating in the neighborhood.

-And then a Halloween potluck on Sunday, where we are bringing Halloween shapes pasta salad

Son, your favorite costume this year is the Ninja Turtle that Nana sent you last year. Daughter, I keep trying to stick fairy wings and a tutu on you, but you’re not super interested. I think this is a case of your mama trying to force girly princess crap on you, because it looks so cute, when you aren’t that interested.

We’ve been enjoying reading Moonlight, the Halloween Cat. It’s a very sweet story.

Kids, I hope I haven’t turned you off Halloween too much. Anyway, it’s not like we have to do it again for another year. Plenty of time to build up more excitement over it.

Next up, Thanksgiving!




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