A double letter on the occasion of my daughter’s second birthday

Dear Daughter,


Today is the happiest of days. It is your second birthday ! Birthdays are such wonderful, special days to celebrate. Today you are in the creche, and last night I baked a « gateau a yaourt » for you to have there with your little baby friends. The creches are strict about simple cakes, no frosting (imagine having the clean up all those messy faces).


Tomorrow we will have a double birthday with your birthday twin from across the street. It’s a Hello Kitty theme, and her mom is baking cupcakes. I wanted to get you something girly so I bought you a Corolle doll. A French classic, fabricated in France. I feel a little bad that you only have your brother’s trucks and robots to play with, although you seem ok with that. You indicated that your favorite color is green when we were reading a Sesame Street colors book. That is very good, daughter. Green is a good color.


I love that your birthday is in October, when autumn is beginning to hit. What a great time of year for a birthday. I hope in the future we can go to Disneyland Paris for your birthday and see all the Halloween decorations. Yesterday I took a trip to WHSmith on the rue de Rivoli and splurged on some Halloween books for you and your brother. It’s very important to me that your American side appreciates Halloween and Thanksgiving. On Wednesday Message is hosting Trick or Treating in a park, which they do every year. And this year we are hosting a spooky playdate during Toussaint, and I plan on decorating the house with Halloween stuff. We will also go apple picking and pumpkin buying at the farm like last year, I hope this becomes a tradition.


Happy birthday, Daughter !



Dear Mom,


Today is my daughter’s second birthday, the granddaughter you never got to meet. It’s bittersweet (like most days, really), because I have to think about how you were planning on coming to France for Son’s second birthday, and we were going to go down to Marseille. But you never saw my son’s second birthday. The last time you saw him, he was 17 months old, and he was almost 22 months old when you died.


It blows my mind. My daughter is now older than my son was the last time you saw him.


This will always blow my mind, really.


But you’re here, as always.




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