Ergo, the ERGO


Dear Daughter,

While we’re on the subject of baby transportation, let me tell you a bit about our babywearing experience, as I think we only have another month or so left of it, if that.

I didn’t turn out to be much of a babywearer in terms of the philosophy behind it, but I did on many, many instances find it indispensable in terms of convenience. The baby bjorn was good as useless, even when your brother was a month old it killed my back. I did a babywearing workshop using a wrap, and got some use out of a few positions (found the babywearing instructor to be a bit holier-than-thou though) while he was small. I bought you a Moby Wrap in navy blue, I was convinced the second time around I would use it a whole lot, but it is still sitting in its wrapper. For some reason I just wasn’t that inspired by the Moby Wrap.

When your brother was four months old, however, I was at Nature et Decouvertes and saw they were selling Ergobaby carriers, and on a whim I picked one up. It turned out to be one of those situations like the Bugaboo where I was really hard on myself at first, telling myself we already had carriers, I didn’t need another one, and now I shudder to think that I almost didn’t get it. It’s been the only baby carrier I have used since buying it. I put both of you on my back while vaccuuming to put you to sleep. It’s been on numerous plane trips. We have gotten a whole lot of use out of it. Like I said, I wasn’t much into the philosophy behind it, although  I think it’s a good philosophy, but there were times when it just made life easier.

You are 14 months old so we are at the tail end of babywearing, but since your brother started preschool, we have found another use for it. I’ve been doing the morning school run, dropping your brother off at school, then you at the garderie where you spend three mornings a week. Your brother’s classroom is upstairs, and I found it so cumbersome to take you out of the stroller to accompany him to his classroom, help him get his coat off, go to the toilet, say hi to the maitresse, than put you back in the stroller.

So, enter the trusty Ergo once again. I’ve been carrying you on my back. My hands are free. It works. I just need to have the garderie ladies help with getting you off, but it has been a great solution. The only thing I was worried about was the cold winter months, but I recently had an idea that I put into place. I take a warm wool pashmina, wrap it around the bottom half of the carrier covering your little feet and legs, and tie it in a knot in the front, over the clasp. This can also be done when using the front carry position, but you and I are past that now.

I think these days are numbered though. Pretty soon you will insist on walking to your brother’s school, and won’t want to be up on my back anymore. So I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts. I think the last time I used the Ergo with your brother was when we took a train trip to visit friends in Lyon. He was about 17 months old. We’ll see how far we get.


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