Happy new year son!

I was so gung-ho about this blog for the first year of your life. I am not at all giving up on it, but it is apparent from the last few months that I’m not as motivated to write in it as I was.

Like I said I am not at all giving up, but I think that for the moment what would work better for me is a photo blog. I have started a 365 day photo a day project over at tumblr. My iPhone 4 is only a few days old but I am already in love with all the camera apps, and I think that the idea of snapping a photo and posting a little blurb every day or so will work really, really well for me at the moment. It is appealing. After a while, though, who knows, maybe this medium will work for me again. It all remains to be seen, and never say never, right son?

So please come on and see me at my tumblr 365+ photo project. Meanwhile, I”ll be back, if and when the fancy strikes me (and I have more energy and time again, I think the main reason I had the ability to blog so much last year is the twice a day two hour naps you would take, that are no longer the case…)


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