Goodness son,

I just looked and it’s been over a month since I last blogged about you.

Why is that, I wonder, son? Was it really just in the first year that I felt the urge to go through all these things?

I hope not, I really do.

You know one thing that has surprised me in being an unlikely method of tracking the journey, has been social networking sites. Facebook in particular. It has been an untraditional baby book. I go back in my previous posts on facebook, and i have the date of discovering your first tooth, the date of when you first slept eight hours in one night.

Do you know what I did last year, son, that I think I will do again this year ? Shortly after new years last January, I spent an afternoon going through my facebook history for 2009 and I made screenshots for all the posts about you, plus comments. Also things relating to my pregnancy.  I hope someday to have the time and energy to organize them into some sort of digital album. It amazed and delighted me how much of the journey I had unknowingly footprinted using facebook.

Not just your milestones, but how I was feeling too. The days when it was hard, when I was so tired, and the days when you did something so delightful too.

It’s so true that motherhood can be very isolating, but, say what you will about facebook, I know many people say it is a huge time-waster and perhaps they are right, but for me it has served to break some of the monotony and isolation of the first year of parenting. I know that may sound a bit pathetic, but times when I’ve been frustrated, didn’t know what to do about something, or was annoyed at the creche, it has been nice to be able to vent it out on facebook. And to have both good friends that I’ve known forever, and also a small group of mothers with young children on there who can relate. Of course I don’t doubt that some people on my friends list smirk and roll their eyes at my constant mommy musings, but that goes with the territory, doesn’t it ? They can always delete me if they want.

So somewhere out there, son, there’s a little digital album of facebook musings, tracking the evolution of you. I hope to continue this for a while.

In other news, you are dancing, babbling, having some fits, feeling frustrated over not being able to talk. I know I may regret this one day, but though you didn’t watch TV in your first year at all, I have eased up on that and you now watch the baby channel  in the morning over breakfast, so that we can get ready. I am not pleased with myself over this son and believe I will one day regret it, but it has made my life easier. And the baby channel is quite educational, really. I mean, you are learning to count to ten in French, and where bananas come from. Not bad eh son ? I hope, I hope.


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