Ain’t over yet

Hi son,

Today is either the last day of summer or the first day of fall, I’m not sure which to be honest. But anyway, it was a glorious sunny warm day, much better than many of the yucky days we had in actual summer.

It came as a surprise to have 25 degrees c after a few weeks of the mercury hovering around 17, 18, 19. As luck would have it, we have been sick for the last few days, especially me, and I just didn’t feel like leaving the house.

You went to the halte garderie this morning, and then had a nap in the afternoon, and it occured to me around 4pm that maybe a bit of sunshine would do us both some good. Also, I’m pretty sure this is the last time we will have any sort of nice weather for many months, so I know I would kick myself while huddling up in the cold winter for not having taken advantage of it.

Son, I’m so glad we did. I decided, for once, not to bring anything. No diaper bag. No wipes, no drinks, not even a stroller. I put you in the ergo (11 kilos and still going strong, that thing ! Greatest baby product ever), stuffed my phone and a packet of kleenex for my nose in my pocket, grabbed a dodie. Didn’t put a coat on either of us. Just out we went, to a little hidden park around the corner that your papa discovered a few months ago.

I believe that it was fate that had caused you to have a major diaper blowout after your nap, which forced me to put you into some summer pants that were waterproof and rolled up and snapped into cargo-type pants, because when we got to the park there were kids jumping into the little pond there. This is a stone pond that I had kicked myself for not being able to bring you in the warmer days, because it’s just like a little wading pool, perfect for you to crawl into. At first, I was hesitant about letting you go in, the water didn’t look super clean, and as I only had the ergo I didn’t want to carry you dripping wet home.

But then I thought, oh, what the hell. We have a washing machine and you were getting a bath immediately when we got home. So I let you dunk in. I mean, you didn’t go all the way in, you didn’t get your shirt wet, just your hands, legs and feet. You just thought it was the most delightful thing. You were splashing water and laughing.

It was delightful.

Afterwards, we sat in the grass for a bit, and went down the slide (your new favorite thing, I am so glad you seem to like slides, I hope that continues). I felt like maybe we should stay longer, but then I said to myself, that’s ok, I think we are done. I didn’t want you sitting in wet pants anyway. So I put you back in the ergo and carried you barefoot back home.

It was so nice to feel like we had one last summer escapade, that feeling of lightness, of not needing anything, no coats, no bags, no stroller. I cherish that.

At home we sat around on the bedroom floor looking at books, I think that is very fun, son, to just do whatever strikes our fancy. That is so important, I think, to not be too structured, to look at a book if we feel like it, or play with the shapeshifter toy which I am very excited to report you have figured out.

You walk more and more each day.

We finally got you a proper tripp trapp high chair. We bought you a tray to go with it because we still don’t have a proper dining table. I hope to remedy that soon.


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