Bonjour, bye bye

Hi son,

In keeping with our concern about your learning both English and French, it has come to my attention that you say “bonj” instead of “hello”, and  “ba ba” instead of “au ‘voir”. I noticed this in the bakery this evening, when you waved to the bakers.

I find that so interesting.

I also forgot to tell you that at the end of july, we took a day trip to Saint-Germain-en-Laye to pick up a gogo kidz travelmate from someone who was selling a used one. My new tactic with taking the bus or subway with you is, I try to schedule travel time at lunch or gouter, so that you are occupied and not howling your little head off. This particular day, as we boarded the 31 bus to Arc de Triomphe to catch a train, I handed you the snack trap filled with steamed green beans while I got your tofu cutlet into little pieces.

As you took the green beans out one by one and popped them in your mouth, a little old lady was watching you , fascinated. She said she had never seen a little child who ate green beans with so much “plaisir”. She said normally it’s so difficult to get children to eat vegetables, but you were clearly enjoying them.

It does make me happy that you like your veggies, and it’s one of those things, like the sleeping thing, where I don’t know if I can take credit for it or not. Is it the baby led weaning in action? Is it the fact that I let you feed yourself and don’t make a fuss over what you do or don’t eat? Maybe, or maybe it’s just dumb luck that you like veggies. It may not last. Who knows.

I just think you are the easiest, most pleasant child, son. Really, you amaze me every day. (But you amaze me even when you are challenging me to a WWF match while trying to get you dressed and diapered in the morning).


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