First word


I know this may seem like a repeat from last post, but I need to verify what your first word was. I’m calling it.

I think it was “book”, and I’ll tell you why. Sure, you’ve been saying “mamama” and “dada” for a while now, but I don’t think they really count, do they? You said please and thank you, but that was only one time each and it wasn’t on a regular basis. You say zzzzzthhsssss but only we know what it means. “Book-a book-a book-a” is comprehensible, so therefore, I think it was your first word. It’s a lovely first word, isn’t it? I had been hoping your first word would be dog, but book is nice too.

I struggle, son, with trying very hard to raise you in such a way that you will have an enjoyment of simpler things. Kids these days (that makes me sound old doesn’t it) are so into all things technological and being couch potatoes (granted, son, my generation was quite the same, and I bet the one just before mine too), so I’m just trying my best to get things like books, not eating a lot of sugar, playing outdoors, as much as I possibly can. Of course I’m human, and alone during the day, and sometimes don’t feel like going out, or just need to get something done, so we’ve been known to put on Baby TV in the morning to keep you occupied while I check my email. But I hope that it’s the exception to the rule. It’s something I think a lot about, son.

I should be posting more about all your happenings, they are coming so fast now. We went to your bilan de santé on Thursday, in France all children are eligible for a comprehensive wellness exam between 12 and 18 months, and again between age three and four. It was a three hour appointment. They checked your eyesight, hearing, blood pressure, etc. You are perfect but I already knew that. They had you do a blood test, guess which one of us was more freaked out than the other by that? You got it, son. You just sat there looking at the needle in your arm like “Uh, what’s that?” while your mama got the shakes. We also met with a child psychologist, who had you do things like draw on a piece of paper and work out the shape sorter toy. It was funny because she brought in a small plastic bottle with a tiny piece of paper the size of a pea, and dumped it in front of you. I said “He’s probably going to eat it”, but you surprised the heck out of me son, you actually put that piece of paper back in the bottle! You are so coordinated son.

The bilan took place in the 11th right next to the Cirque d’hiver, at the beginning of Oberkampf. It’s one of my favorite neighborhoods and I realized I hadn’t been in so long, something like four years. I was happy with the chance of showing you one of my favorite areas, so we walked up Oberkampf, stopped in Cafe Charbon for coffee and green beans, continued up to the Parc de Belleville, played in the playground for a while, stopped in the Cafe Cheri(e) for a perrier and  an apricot juice which you drank with a straw, then headed up the avenue Simon Bolivar and caught the bus home. I have a feeling you will be starting to appreciate cafes more, as long as there’s juice with straws and a snack trap, which is such a relief because it’s one of my favorite activities in this town and I long to share it with you, even just for 15 minutes.

I have to start writing more, son. Even if it’s just one sentence about something that happened that day. I will try to do that.


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