Walking the talk, talking the walk

Hi munchkin,

You’ve taken to talking the past month. This is what you say?

-There’s “allo” whenever someone picks up a phone

-“Ba ba” (bye bye), usually accompanied by waving, usually said as we are walking out the door, but also sometimes said in greeting too.

-“Thsssszzzzzzzzzzie”. This means “doggie”. You often point to where the dog sleeps and say “Thsssszzzzzzzzzzie?”. You also say it when we see a dog in the park.

-“Book”. You say book when I’m reading you Goodnight Moon, if I’m reading a book, or if you come across one of your books on the floor. You enjoy pointing at the words and pictures. You also enjoy pointing out pretty ladies.

-“Buh” has two meanings: 1) This tastes good, I want more (normally this is “Mmm, buh”), or it means you want something to drink. Boire?

On a few occasions, you have demonstrated extremely polite manners. In Germany one evening, you were in the bath and I handed you a cup to play with, and you said “Tank yu”. Just like that. On another occasion at the breakfast table, I showed you the sippy cup, asking if you’d like to drink, and you said “Peez”. You said it a few minutes later too. Also, I was offering you some bread, you refused, a minute later I offered again and you said “Ok” and took it. Your grosseuncle heard this and can verify it. So funny and cute son! It’s fascinating because I can’t get you to say these things, you haven’t said them since, it’s as though it’s subconscious, like something you have heard somewhere. I hope this means you will be a polite person.

In other news, last week, a week shy of fifteen months, you took your first unassisted step, from the couch to the coffee table. You had a piece of bread in one hand and the stereo remote in the other, so you pretty much had no choice. I was so proud, son! It’s funny though because I always thought that once children took a step they were off and running, but you haven’t really taken another one since then. I think it’s still going to be a while before you are actually really walking. In Germany you started pushing the stroller, which is very useful to me because it means I don’t have to constantly leave you in the stroller, but at the same time you often break into a crawl as it’s just easier for you. Well, to be honest I’m not looking forward to having to run after you, so take your time walking son, take your time…


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