Summer time, the livin’s easy

Son son,

I haven’t been writing much here have I. I should. At least a little bit. We are in full-blown, dirty-barefoot-feet summer mode here and I’m really enjoying it. It’s funny how different it is from last year. You can enjoy many more things. Here are some simple summer pleasures we’ve been diving into:

-going to the park, eating fruit for gouter in the grass

-Also, going to Bibliotheques hors les murs once a week  in the Parc Martin Luther King, which is delightful, though to be honest you are so much more interested in crawling right now that you prefer to crawl away from the books and onto the pavement. Well, we go anyway and maybe next summer you will be more into it.

-going to the pool, not often enough

-A week ago, I took you to the MLK parc, where they have water jets in the summertime for the kids to run through to cool off.

I parked you next to the jets so that we could watch. It never occured to me to have you actually go in them. I figured you were too small, and would be scared.

Well. When I looked at you, you were waving your hands and kicking your feet excitedly.

So I thought to myself, well, why not give it a try? If he cries we get out.

You were already wearing a Bumgenius cloth diaper anyway, so I stripped you down to that and was pleasantly surprised to find you enjoying being in the jets, even the big ones. You put your hands over the water, crawled around. It was so much fun that we went back the next day.

It was a reminder to me that I must not project my fears onto you. I had thought it would be too scary for you, perhaps because when I was little it would have been too scary for me, but that was not necessarily the case for you. I have to remember that, and find the balance.

-It was my birthday last week. We brought the dog to Paris Plage, and I was thinking how last year you were so small and had to nurse so often that we never even made it to Paris plage. But this year we did, the dog in the stroller basket. We ate a sandwich and some fried potato wedges under an umbrella, then we went to the grands magasins so I could pick up my traditional box of Ladurée macarons and some mariage freres tea for later. Even though it was my birthday, I gave you a present: a Vilac wooden car. You had been playing with cars at playgroup the day before, and I noticed how much you enjoyed rolling them around, so I decided to get you one. You seem to enjoy it.

You’re still cruising, getting ready to walk. You did squats at the park the other day, preparing to stand.

We are going to the beach and the lake next month, I can’t wait son, can’t wait!


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