Happy day


Today is a good day. It is the first birthday of my first baby boy. Happy birthday son!

Your christening was a couple of days ago, and I feel very blessed to have a sprinkling of family come visit.

What you are doing lately:

-You like standing up in the boat at baby swimmers and yelling “Yar! Yar!” like a pirate.

-Last night, I watched as you used a spoon for the first time to feed yourself your yogurt. The first few times, you used the correct side. Then somehow you got switched and started using the other end of the spoon. Whatever, son. You got the job done. Don’t be confined in life by the “right” way to do things. Dance to your own tune, use whichever end of the spoon works for you.

-You are really understanding things. You understand so much it’s incredible. Just now, I noticed you had been chewing something for a while. I was afraid it was something chokable, so I went over to you and said “What are you chewing on?”

Promptly, you opened your mouth, spit out the piece of pretzel that tante and oncle had brought us from Germany, that you’d had for breakfast, and held it up to show me. Amazing, son! I never thought I’d be so impressed by someone showing me their chewed-up food. But I was very impressed. There have been a few other similar instances, like a couple of weeks ago, also during breakfast, I noticed you no longer had the piece of toast I had just given you. I was wondering if you had fed it to the dog which is something you are apt to do these days if you don’t like your toast, and so I asked you “Where’s your toast?” You immmediately produced it by holding up your hand, it had simply been underneath where I couldn’t see it.

I can’t believe you are one, son!


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