One week, one year


It’s been a week since I weaned you. I’ve been feeling a little down about it. It might be the hormones readjusting. It is sad that this period is over, but I hope I someday am blessed to have this experience again.

I hand-wrote a post about this topic last week, but as my computer charger was down I couldn’t write it as a post, and I wanted to get it all down, and I’m glad I did, but will need to find a free afternoon to copy it onto my computer. I will do that soon.

Maybe not next week though, because your grandma and grandpa arrived today, and Sunday is your christening and Tuesday you are already one year old. One!

Today one year ago I was hospitalized. It was a hot Friday just like today, and my feet were so swollen they were bulging out of my most generous birkies. It was Roland Garros week. You were born three days later.

I can’t believe it’s been a year. A whole year, and only one year.


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