Palais de Tokyo

Hi son,

This morning, we went to the message monthly library/cafe bebe in the 16th (snore), I had been wanting to get over there since, oh, falling pregnant, but somehow always missed it. So we finally made it, donated some books, picked up a few, and then it was time for lunch.

You may already know this, son, and who knows, maybe you disagree, but the sixteenth arrondissement of Paris, is a lovely-to-look-at wasteland. Except, I remember from the days when I was an au pair living in a family’s chambre de bonne on the avenue du President Wilson, that the Palais de Tokyo has kind of a cute cafe, lots of airy space, and decent inexpensive food.

So I decided to take you over there, and I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I thought (and some may disagree with me), that it was weirdly mobile-baby-friendly (by Paris standards, anyway), even with all the hipsters standing around looking cool.

I’ll tell you why:

-Ok, so there are no high chairs (come on now, we’re not asking for miracles) BUT, there is a large handicapped bathroom, that can fit a stroller, with (drum roll please)….a changing table!

-Because it’s trendy/progressive, there are ramps all over the place, for wheelchairs, and by default, strollers. The only place that’s tricky is when you go up to the counter to pay, there are three steps that are kind of a pain, so I just left you down there. It was only three steps.

-The place is big and warehouse-like, it’s very noisy so no one noticed you doing your pirate “Yar! Yar”. There was plenty of space for you to just wander around.

-Ok, so there are no high chairs, but they do have these very low uber hip chairs that a toddler who was good at sitting alone, could easily sit on, I imagine.

-They have surprisingly toddler-friendly food. Well, I thought so anyway. IT was the kind of food you are into these days. They have little inexpensive salads for two euros, so you can pick up two or three of them, plus bread. We had: Lentil salad with poached egg, tomato and avocado tartare, and a green bean, parmesan, black olive and sundried tomato salad, that was perfect finger food for you, I just left off the dressing. You are very into lentils, green beans, avocado, olives and tomatoes these days, so that’s why I say it worked out well for us. We just shared everything.

-They have jugs of water on the table, so I refilled our Kleen Kanteen sippy cup and your bottle no problem.

Unfortunately, the museum part itself was in the middle of installing a new exhibit, so it wasn’t open, but I know from experience that they have kooky things that would sure amuse a child, I would think.

Next time I’m in the 16th and we need food, water and a diaper change, and some entertainment, I know where we are going…


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