Viele Gesichten


i hope i don’t forget that when you were a baby, (and perhaps this is continuing as you are older), many people always talked about how you have so many different faces.

Not even expressions, necessarily. Faces.

It’s hard to explain, son, but in photos, you sometimes look like an entirely different baby.

“Er hat so viele Gesichten” said your grossetante, starting from when you were but a month and a half old.

“Who are you today, son?” asks your papa sometimes. I sent him photos from California and he just talked about how he didn’t recognize you.

You sometimes look so wide-eyed, but in the last week you have started doing this big squinty toothy grin, with your whole face. Your eyes squint nearly shut, and you show all your teeth. So amusing, son!

Maybe it has to do with the fact that you ended up being a Gemini.


On another note, son, many people on blogs and magazines talk about their list of must-have baby items for the first year. Strollers, baby carriers and wraps, accessories, etc. Well son, you know that I have the mother of all lists right up here in my noggin, and sometime if I feel the urge I might post it. But I wanted to tell you instead about a list of a different kind, the things that got me through the winter of 2010, the physical items I will thing about when I think of our first winter together.

-Tea – with milk, or herbal concoctions. Pause, Reflection.

– Uggs – Warmth, Comfort.

and iPhone – specifically the iPhone apps, specifically Facebook for iPhone. Used a lot during long sits on the bed or couch  when I couldn’t get up with you on my lap. Distraction, Connection.


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