My word, son, my word,

it’s been over a month since my last post.

I hate that so much time passes between posts, but I feel like, during your short naps, I either have something to get done, or else I need to nap with you. You are still waking up once or twice at night, but thankfully you are easy to get back to sleep, so I really don’t feel too awfully sleep deprived.

anyway, we are currently at grandparents in California. You are having a morning nap, I ran your granddad down to work in Manhattan beach this morning so that I could have his car today, and I am taking you for your first walk on the beach in Santa Monica this afternoon. I figured I would try to squeeze in a post before you wake up (this has to be fast).

Let’s see, your first Christmas was calm and nice, we had a little tree, and I got you only secondhand presents, bought from other moms. I figure it’s environmentally correct, and there is plenty of time later on for you wanting the newest and latest version of the Wii.

New Years was calm, at home with a sip of champagne and some Indian takeout, a tradition between me and your papa. You slept through the countdown. The day after New Years Day, you and I flew to Munich. It was Momie’s seventieth birthday, and we had a little party that day. You were held and admired by your /our cousins and aunts and uncles, and you weren’t fazed at all by all the activity. Your great-uncle spent lots of time bouncing you around. We took walks in the snow, and visited with family. You sat in a high chair for the first time as aunt and uncle had a Tripp Trapp for their grandchildren. I want to get you one of these for our home.

Ok, so then back to Paris for a week, then we flew with Momie to California a week ago. i was so nervous about the flight, your first long-haul, but you really couldn’t have been more well-behaved. Really son, you were just super. You had a little bassinet that hung up on the wall in front of my seat, and you just found this absolutely delightful. You laughed and laughed when I first put you in. You slept a tiny bit (not enough) and I slept with one eye open on you, and you didn’t yell at all, and really, just super.

Your grandpa was so very excited and thrilled to see you at the airport. He absolutely adores you and is thrilled to be able to spend some time with you.

I was so nervous also about the jet lag, but a funny thing happened that I wasn’t expecting. We went to bed immediately once we got home, and yes, you woke up at three am as I feared, but the thing is, I was wide awake at three am too.So much so that I couldn’t have gone to sleep anyway. So we were up from three to five, you were playing on the carpet and I was on facebook, then we went back to sleep from five to eight. That happened again the next night, but now we have established a pretty good schedule, to sleep at nine and up at seven with a few wakeups but no getting out of bed.

Of course , the way back is always worse, but well, we won’t worry about that just yet.

I was just dreaming of the first time your grandpa would see you at the airport, in the back sling, and it was just magical. I can’t believe it was already a week ago.

It was raining heavily the first few days so we couldn’t go anywhere, but the night before last, you watched your first sunset over the pacific ocean in Santa Monica, looking out over Malibu. It was a very special moment, and I have a few pictures.

Ok, so, in bullet form, I will tell you what else has been going on:

-You are eating twice a day, a veggie or a fruit or rice cereal. Apples and pears, sweet potatoes and squash and carrots and yesterday your tried parsnips and liked them. I try to give you organic as much as I possibly can. On Saturday we went to the Farmers Market, you were riding in the back position of the Ergo, and we bought some fruits and veggies, that was fun. The doctor says we can start meat and yogurt now. I’m all for the yogurt but hesitant about the meat. We will see. I was experimenting a bit with baby-led weaning, and giving you very soft cooked veggie slices to eat with your hands on the Bumbo. I do this in the evening as it’s messy stuff. But fun, and the dog helps clean up afterwards.

You are also now getting a bottle of formula about five days a week. I get you either organic powdered, and yesterday I got you organic soy formula since that was all they seemed to have at Whole Foods. I’m not really sure why I decided to do this except that I was tired of pumping and didn’t want to do it anymore, and just wanted the option of you taking a bottle of formula if I needed to be out for a couple of hours. It seems to work out well.

-You had your first babysitter in December, an Australian girl who came every Tuesday for a few hours so Mama could have a break or run errands. She was very, very, very sweet with you, a lovely girl. Unfortunately for us, she found a nanny job in Amsterdam, so we will have to find someone else.

I have to say, it was so nice to be with family and to have instant babysitters. In Munich I went one afternoon to the sauna while Momie and great-aunt watched you, and yesterday I went with your godmother to see Sherlock HOlmes at the Screening Room, a theatre with couches at the Landmark Theatre. It was the first movie I had seen since your birth. Your grandparents babysat you. That is one thing that is hard living so far from family, but I suppose even if we lived in the US it wouldn’t be a given that we would live near family. So I take advantage of it when I can.

-You can now, since a few weeks ago, pretty much sit up on your own. You are working on crawling and get very frustrated about not quite being able to you. I predict it won’t be long now. Yesterday, we kind of noticed you are learning imitation. I do this thing you love where I pretend to do a long drawn-out sneeze, and you laugh and laugh and also learn anticipation. Yesterday, you did a little pretend sneeze, meaning you imitated me. And Momie said this morning, you were imitating her morning exercises a tiny bit. Exciting stuff.

You have the most wonderful voice and I love to hear you chatter to yourself, in the bath or in bed or in your Merry Muscles. I am trying as much as possible to record your voice. You are also back to raspberries.

You love Sophie la Giraffe, she is your favorite toy these days.

You are at the moment wearing size 12-18 months pants, so you are a big boy. They are rolled up at the cuff, but still. The doctor says you are in the 75th percentile.

I may come back and add on to this post if I remember more stuff I want to tell you later.


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