Half a year

Dear son,

Here’s what you are up to these days.

At six months and nearly a week old, you are constantly flipping from your back to your belly. You haven’t figured out yet how to flip back, and so then you get stuck there and that annoys you. But when you flip, you look so proud of yourself! It’s so very sweet. I have learned to let go of worrying whether or not or you are doing “milestones” on time. I hope that I continue to do this. I have stopped reading books, for one, which start with “At ____ months, your baby can…”. It’s all in good time and I am trying my best to be zen about when you do what.

I really hope I can continue to do this for the rest of my existence.

You definitely have the strength to sit up, you just need a little more work on the balance part, so you clutch our fingers for balance but we aren’t holding you up. I’m looking forward to your sitting up because I think it will open a lot of doors. You much prefer sitting up and looking around to lying down. I bought a Sack ‘n Seat, and I just can’t wait to use it. It will be so convenient.

You easily wear nine month old clothes. I had to cut open the sleeves of one nine month old pajama set as it was too narrow for your wrists. The combinaison I bought you is for twelve month olds, and I was worried at first that you would “nage dedans”, but frankly it’s not as big for you as I thought. Especially as it has to last through March, I think it ended up being the right size. You actually tower over some of the seven month olds at playgroup.

Your eyes are still a beautiful shade of blue. I never in a million years dreamed I would have a baby with blue eyes.  I know they could still change so I just appreciate them as I can. I am sure no matter what color they end up being, they will be beautiful eyes.

You are momentarily back to sleeping well at night, after a bout in the month of November when you were waking up several times. We will see how long this lasts. Mama just booked a trip for us to California in January. Mama probably needs her head examined as I can only imagine the havoc this is going to wreak on your wonderful sleeping habits. But then again, I am happy you will be able to spend some time in my hometown, with your grandparents and my dear friends, and you will see the Pacific ocean! We have matching fake Ugg boots which I think will serve us well in California, as you know son, contrary to popular belief, Los Angeles is not always all that warm. The day before yesterday, it was the same temperature in Paris as in LA. The only difference was that in LA it was cold, and in Paris it was warm for this time of year.

You’ve got a second tooth that popped up this week to be the first tooth’s friend. I’m rather surprised by how fast baby teeth grow. It certainly wasn’t there a week and a half ago. And they are sharp! You chomped down on my finger as I was trying to feed you some squash, and boy was Mama surprised! You are a little bit bothered by the teething, so I’m giving you things like chamomile tablets from the pharmacy, teething gel, and some Hyland’s Teething Tablets that I picked up in the US early this year, thinking way ahead. And you’ve got Sophie la Girafe to chew on, and an organic wooden teething ring. I also learned this neat trick of dipping baby washcloths in chamomile tea and freezing them. I hope we are all set to face teething for the time being.

I have been a bit lazy about the solids thing, I read in a book that through the first year babies get nearly all of their nutrition from milk anyway, so we are taking things slow. I cooked you up a batch of organic squash, and you have a few bites of that, though you don’t seem super interested. I’m supposed to start a fruit at 4pm this week. I should really get myself in gear and be more consistent about at least offering purees twice a day. It’s true that breastfeeding is so convenient that sometimes I forget about offering you some puree or rice cereal. I suppose we will get around to pots pretty soon, but I figure that, while I can, I’m going to try to offer you as much organic purees as possible. I realize this won’t last forever, but I will do it while I can.

That reminds me too, if you told me a year ago that I would still be breastfeeding, I would have laughed, I only imagined doing it for six months at best, but honestly, I understand now while people continue to breastfeed their children through the first and second years. I just kind of feel like, why switch to formula now? Breastfeeding is so much simpler, making up a bottle with formula seems much more complicated. You take a bottle with no problem so I am free to do things like go swimming on Saturday mornings or go to the café downstairs on Sunday evenings to write and read over tea or a glass of red wine, which I happen to be doing right now. So I imagine, unless you get bitey  at the wrong moment with those sharp little teeth of yours, we will continue to nurse a while longer, maybe even until you wean yourself.

It’s your first Christmas son, and we’ve got lots to look forward to. I feel so blessed that I have the possibility to stay home with you for these first months…


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