Hi Son,

I imagine friends and family must find it curious when they ask if we have time to skype (read: if YOU have time to skype), and I respond with “Sure, just let me go put a shirt on”. Or sometimes even: “Yeah, I hope you don’t mind though, I don’t have a shirt on”.

It’s just so true that for the past nearly six months, my standard house uniform has been yoga pants and a nursing bra, and sometimes I look down and realize I haven’t been wearing a shirt all day. It’s just that, when you are nursing so often, sometimes it just seems like such a bother to put on a shirt when you are just going to have to take it off again soon enough. I mean, it’s not as often as it was in the beginning, but I guess some habits die hard.

I bet the neighbors find it curious too. Living in such close quarters in Paris to our neighbors, one sees everything through the window. Especially in summer, when the window was always open. But like I said in a previous post, weird how unconscious I have become about stuff like that.

While on the subject, I sometimes feel a pang that you will really know your grandparents through skype. Then again, what a blessing it is to have this technology that didn’t exist so shortly ago. It is so nice to be able to “see” family and close friends once a week or so.

It is Sunday morning, we are letting papa sleep in the bedroom, I am drinking orange cinnamon tea and playing Handel’s Messiah, and you are on your tapis doing Upward Facing Dog. Some people say babies are born yogis, and I find it interesting how you sometimes naturally tend towards certain yoga positions. I can only imagine this will continue as you get to be a big boy…


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