Oh, I’m just missing out so much on writing. I don’t want to forget anything. I have no time though! These days you nap for twenty minutes at best. In November, you suddenly stopped sleeping through the night, and started waking up three or four times sometimes. You weren’t even necessarily hungry, either you lost your binky (I should have pushed for the thumb!) or just wanted a cuddle. Always easy to get back to sleep though.

However, the past two nights, you slept through again. I hope I didn’t jinx anything by saying that.

Son, please don’t think I’m complaining. I have so much I want to say, and no time to say it. I have a post on comfort kits after birth that has been sitting in drafts for over a month.

What I want to tell you is something funny you started doing yesterday. While the binky is in your mouth, you flip the handle up and down really fast, the way people do that with their mouths. It’s funny.

You squeak now too. I love it.

You can roll very easily from back to front, but once you are on your tummy, you don’t know how to get back. This annoys you very much. I struggle with when to go to you, and not wanting to go too soon, to give you a chance to learn how to push yourself back over.

I think this is a grand theme of parenthood.

Ok, I have to go get you out of your crib and change your diaper. I will try to write more over the weekend.


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