Dear yummy baby son,

Now that you have sort of started rice cereal, I have to tell you, I really enjoy eating with you.


Before,I would have to wait until you went down for a nap before I could quickly microwave some food and gobble it up before you woke up. Now, it’s really nice to sit you in the Bumbo, with the playtray, put a bib on you,  put on some music (lately, the Beatles, you seem to enjoy it and it’s upbeat), give you one spoon to play with, set down my dinner (still microwave, I miss cooking but still am not to the point where I can even think fifteen minutes ahead about what to eat, let alone cook it), and feed you with another spoon. It’s very relaxing and enjoyable. Preferable to just feeding you alone.

You’re not, truth be told, super into the rice cereal, and some days you are more into it than others, and it also depends on the time of day, I have noticed. You seem more receptive at midday, but as we are often out and about in the middle of the day, or having lunch with a friend, it isn’t always practical to feed you then, although in the next few weeks I’m going to have to get my act together when you really will need to eat. I prefer to eat dinner with you, but often you are not so receptive to solid food at that time. Ah well, we will work it out. At five months anyway, you are still getting all your nutrition from milk, so there really isn’t any rush to get serious about solids, for now it’s just for fun and experimentation….


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