Goodness me son,

it has been weeks since my last post. Weeks! That is not very good at all, since there is still so much I want to tell you, and so very, very much has been going on, and there are so many details about this time in your life that I want to remember, both what was going on with you and what was going on with me.

It’s partly your fault, you know. For, you have all of a sudden decided that you want nothing more to do with naps, and don’t take them anymore, unless you are in the buggy, or I am sleeping next to you, which is very nice but doesn’t allow me any time to get anything done.

there is so much I could tell you about in this post, that’s been going on. I could tell you about your first Halloween, in which you dressed in the Superman PJs that were a gift while you were still in my tummy, and about the pumpkin your papa carved.

Or I could tell you about how you saw your first movie a couple of weeks ago. The Forum des Images has twice a month showings for parents of babies under ten months. There are toys and transats under the screen, and changing tables just outside, and no one cares if babies start howling. The film was Marie Antoinette, and you ooh and aahed at Kirsten Dunst, and mmmm’d at the pastries.

I could tell you about how we have been taking lots of autumn walks, or about how you are really reaching for stuff, today you were reaching for my plate at the sushi restaurant and I had to act fast to avoid a crash, or how you are really practically standing with no one holding you, just balancing you. What else can I tell you?

I could tell you about how we finally got you a crib a few weeks ago, when I woke up one morning and your legs were hanging out of the bassinet, I figured it was time. And how you stopped sleeping through the night, which, after a conversation with someone, led me to decide to give you your first solid food two days ago even though I had originally been in no hurry to start you on solids, and was considering even waiting till after Christmas. But you were kind of watching me while I ate, so on Saturday we gave you a couple of spoonfuls of organic baby rice cereal mixed with breast milk. IN France they usually start with vegetable purees, but after going back and forth I decided to do the US/UK way and do rice cereal. You really seemed to like it. We got it on video.

But no, I won’t tell you about all that. Instead, I would like to tell you about your bedtime ritual, which hasnt’ changed much since you were born.

You are still going to bed a little later than I would like, and we are working on getting you down to an earlier bedtime with a dream feed at around 11, but that hasn’t happened yet. Right now, your bedtime ritual is this:

One of us sets up the bath, we have a dresser that has a baby bath on top and a changing table that swivels out to reveal the bath, very convenient. I put you on the table and get the soap out, either Burts Bees Baby Bee wash or Weleda bath creme. Your papa brings the water, and I set you down in the bath seat. We recently bought a bath seat and it’s just been a great purchase, as before I would just hold you by your shoulders with one hand and pour water over you with the other, and you often looked worried and uncomfortable. Now, I set you in the seat, and have both hands. I pour water over you with a cup, and put a washcloth over you to keep you warmer, and you have taken to trying to grab the stream of water and, more recently, you have even reached for the cup itself and tried to pour water over yourself. The bath is so much fun. I sing you songs, which have nothing to do with the bath, sometimes I sing you Siouxie and the Banshees and sometimes the Grateful Dead. Go figure.

We stay like that for maybe five to ten minutes, then I put you on the towel on the table and give you a short massage, using Weleda baby massage oil. Then I sprinkle either plain arrowroot powder, or California Baby non-talc powder on your bottom, then slather it in Weleda Calendula Creme pour la change. You can see that I love baby bath products, which is logical considering I love bath products period.

Then we put you in warm PJs, and a gigoteuse, and then your papa gives you a bottle while I walk the dog and shower. More often than not, this knocks you out and we put you in your bed, though sometimes, like last night, you don’t want to go to sleep, so we turn on your musical light thing and leave you in your bed to watch it.

I also recently put glow in the dark stars above your bed, so you can sleep under the stars.

I would like to eventually work Goodnight Moon in there, but haven’t yet figured out where to work it in.

I hear you stirring in the other room now, so that is all I have time to write about, but wanted to tell you about this lovely ritual we have, which is one of my favorite moments in the day, and which I want to remember…


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