Three months old

dear son,

Because I don’t do it enough, here is what you are into these days/weeks:

-You can hold a rattle in your right hand, like your wooden rattle or your telephone rattle, though you don’t much seem to notice it is there. As your papa likes to joke, “Il est nul ce téléphone”. I got you some booties with rattles but they keep falling off your feet, not so well made.

-Today you finally discovered one of the toys that is on the tray of your swing. It’s one of those popping toys where when I press on the head some little beads pop around. You like this toy.

-Either you are reminiscing about the sounds of your mama’s gastrointestinal system while you were in my tummy, or you really are French, because your favorite noise is “Ppppbbbbbbbbbbbb”, heavy on the spit bubbles. You both like this and thinks it’s very funny when one of us does it back at you. As a matter of fact, we occasionally have little imitation games. This is your first imitation, I think. Raspberries.

-You are officially not crazy about the tapis d’eveil, perhaps you will change your mind about it as you did with the swing. However, you do enjoy lying on your Zoli yoga mat/changing pad, diaper-free, kicking your legs in the air and laughing at the Danish Flensted mobile I hung for you in the living room. This is a good way to kick diaper rash.

I also hung a Happy Whales mobile above your changing table, so we visit the whales whenever you need a change, and you like the whales. So you like mobiles but not arche d’eveils. Perhaps they are too much stimulation.

I absolutely love how excited you are when you are looking at the mobiles. You positively kick and grunt and smile with so much enthusiasm! I have to remember to get a video of it.

-You do like to bat at toys with rings on them if we are cuddling in bed and I am holding the toy in front of you.

-Last night we discovered Roly Poly Panda. You seem interested in his face.

-You now enjoy riding face front in your baby wrap and looking up at the sky and buildings as we take walks. I regret not being able to carry you more in your sling as it hurts my back and also I like your elegant stroller a little too much (stay tuned for a post on my attachment parenting guilt I have been meaning to write), and also some people say it’s not a good idea for a small baby to ride facing out as it is overstimulation, but I think that we can make a habit of taking a slow, short, early evening walk up our street with the dog, at dusk, with you in double croisé face au monde. You like admiring the Hausmannian buildings and I read you the dates if they are written on the building, as well as any particularities such as which floors have balconies.

-You have graduated from “tout petit” to “costaud”, according to people’s comments.

-I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but you are sleeping six or seven hours straight at night.

When I signed up for this parenting gig, I never in a million years expected i would end up with such a sweet, fun, wonderful, joyful baby as you. Truly, I expected the first three months to be really tough, and they have instead been the best three months of my life. Son, thank you for having made my life so much better…


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