Indian summer

Oh son

we are just back from the pediatre where you had your second round of shots. oh son. i’m so sorry to make you go through that. you really did not like that at all. however, after a few minutes of cuddling you seemed ok again. I took you home and wrapped you in a blanket and gave you some doliprane (which you just lapped up), and now I’m playing you Dvorak while you are napping in your swing.

i know there are some people who advocate against vaccinations, and i looked into it, and just concluded that the arguments against it weren’t strong enough. so we have one more month and then no shots until your first birthday (wee nice bday gift).

yesterday, after a failed mission at secu (as opposed to the day before which was an aborted mission), we stopped at the park on our way home, the one that is on the spot where the 2012 olympics would have been held. we had such a lovely time. they have a very pretty pond in the back, with reeds in the water and a bridge. yesterday was one of those days that i always hate in california, where it’s too hot for a jacket in the sun but cold in the shade, but for some reason it did not bother me yesterday. there was a very strong wind blowing, and it was creating gentle ripples in the water, and for some reason it reminded me of a late summer trip your papa and i took a few years ago to the west coast of france, the marais poitevin near La Rochelle. it’s a swampy area that looks very much like this pond in the park, with reeds blowing, and one afternoon we packed an apero picnic with olives, a half a baguette, and a bottle of the local pineau, which is a specialty of the charentes-maritime, and drove with the dog out to a little river, and it was very sunny and windy and the wind, i remember, was making little ripples on the water, much the way it was yesterday.

you napped a while in your baby carriage while i just sat cross-legged on a bench and looked at the ripples in the water, and then you woke up and i nursed you while looking at the water. we were both dressed comfortably, you in duck pyjamas, me in jeans (pre-pregnancy but ill-fitting) and converse. after a while i started to notice there were a number of teenagers with cameras taking pictures around the pond. they had that sort of grungy art student look about them, messenger bags with iron-on patches and that sort of thing. i imagine they were doing some sort of project for school as they all seemed to know who everyone was even if they weren’t necessarily all grouped up together. i noticed out of the corner of my eye that one of the girls was quietly taking a picture of us, me cross-legged on the bench with you in my arms, and it didn’t bother me nearly as much as i would have thought it would bother me to have my photo taken with my boob hanging out. i just pretended not to notice and continued to look at the water.

when we got home, i felt as though we had had a mini holiday. not the way i usually feel after a failed trip to secu…





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