Les gars

Hello my little boy,

This weekend I started going back to the track up the street, the one where all the kids, namely the neighborhood teenage boys, meet to play soccer or basketball. I find myself watching them now in a way that is different from before, and watching whenever I see a father with his son, jogging or tossing around a ball. I sometimes see daughters with their mothers, but it’s not often that I see mothers with their sons, unless they are sitting on the sidelines while their little boys hit tennis balls against the wall.

I just can’t help but wonder what you are going to be like. And, what you and I are going to be like. Will you be playing soccer? (Truth be told, I really hope you will be more artsy than sporty, but that’s not up to me now is it). Will you come jogging with me or will you prefer to exercise your thumbs on computer games?

Time will tell.


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