Who’d have thought

dear son,

you will find that as you go through life you will encounter many ironies, and having a baby is no exception. (As is giving birth, but more on that later).

Throughout my pregnancy, the main reservation I had about having a baby was the thought of having to get up in the middle of the night for feeds. You probably know this by now, but your mama looooooooves her sleep. During the nine months of my pregnancy (oh right, I mean, eight months), I lamented the loss of long deep sleeps at night, and just tried to come to terms with the idea of sleep deprivation and pacing the apartment floor during the wee hours with a wee baby.

It never occurred to me, not once in a million years, that I




waking up in the middle of the night to feed you.

That I would actually LOOK FORWARD TO these moments.

That when I put you down at night in your little bassinet, I can’t wait to hear your little voice call out at three or four am, so I can bring you into bed with me to nurse and we can cuddle for a few hours until morning.

And that, and this one’s really good, I’m actually kind of HOPING you won’t be sleeping through the night for a while, because I will miss the experience of holding you and nursing you during the night.

How’s that for irony?


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