dear tiger,

Will you forgive me if I tell you it’s a bit tiring taking care of a newborn baby?

I hope you will. I must also admit that it is one of my deepest dreams that you will someday know what it is to care for your newborn child.

But I digress. This morning I was tired. You were lying in your bed, crying, and for a moment I wondered if I could continue. I was thinking to myself, aren’t I due for a weekend about now?

And then I picked you up, and you stopped crying immediately, and looked up in my direction with your contemplative face (you still can’t focus on things just yet), and I just breathed. A big breath, and it was suddenly all better. And we turned to examine ourselves in the mirror (though like I said, you can’t focus on things just yet).

And then this afternoon, we went for my manicure/pedicure appointment, and you very, very kindly slept right through it.

dear son, you are my breath.


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